3D pediatric heart anatomy

Discover a library of resources to help you learn about congenital heart defects

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We share pediatric heart models for everyone to learn from.

Learn about hearts from patients & families who are helping to improve congenital heart defect education.

about our project

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Hear about the next steps for the 3D Heart Project from Dr. Carolina Escudero.

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The Educator’s Kit is a starter pack of resources to help you integrate The 3D Heart Project into your curriculum. We want to give clinical educators the tools to bring hands-on education to patients and doctors in training.

What do we plan on including in our kits?

  • Instructions on how to 3D print hearts using your own printer or your local library
  • Ideas for learning activities of all educational levels— from patient education to academic sessions with trainees
  • Print out labels to play matching games
  • Drawing activities for children
  • Information study sheets for trainees, with renders of colourized hearts

The power of heart education

Learning for families anywhere

Patients and families can discover heart anatomy and appreciate why heart defects require certain surgeries or medications.

Accurate anatomy

The heart models in our library are created from patient’s medical scans (CT and MRI) and reviewed by clinical experts.

Empowering professionals

Healthcare workers can see patient's hearts in a new way— expanding their understanding of complex heart defects. This improves the quality of care they provide to patients.

Stay tuned for our full launch! 🚀❤️

We will be launching our library of hearts in the summer of 2023. Sign up here to be notified of when we will be hosting our launch celebration!

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