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We share pediatric heart models for everyone to learn from.

Learn about hearts from patients & families who are helping to improve congenital heart defect education.

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Hear about the next steps for the 3D Heart Project from Dr. Carolina Escudero.

Bring our library to your hospital!

The single ventricle palliation teaching kit is the most recent addition to the project. This toolkit is designed for cardiologists and educators to use in their daily practice to help patients and families better understand single palliation heart defects. This toolkit has been mailed out to 5 different hospitals across Canada and one to Australia.

What is including in our kits?

  • Four coloured 3D-printed hearts to demonstrate the blood flow and structural differences of each sequential surgery.
  • QR codes associated with the virtual library and the videos for each model.
  • A normal heart model for comparison purposes.
  • A practical, durable, and portable design.
  • Survey and contact information for the 3D heart project.

The power of heart education

Learning for families anywhere

Patients and families can discover heart anatomy and appreciate why heart defects require certain surgeries or medications.

Accurate anatomy

The heart models in our library are created from patient’s medical scans (CT and MRI) and reviewed by clinical experts.

Empowering professionals

Healthcare workers can see patient's hearts in a new way— expanding their understanding of complex heart defects. This improves the quality of care they provide to patients.

Looking to work with us? 🚀❤️

The 3D Heart Project is a growing initiative—we are a multidisciplinary team and always welcome new collaborations.

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